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Can EV Stations Improve Our Health Conditions?
There have been plenty of stories and studies created over the years that point towards improving our environment (or at least doing less damage) by accelerating the shift away from gas automobiles and towards electric. We're far from being able to get rid of gas altogether but our country's dependency on oil is diminishing. Can this have an effect on our health as well?

In this infographic by Baker Electric Solar, the potential benefits of EV stations to both the environment and our health are highlighted. Ford has been heading towards a more energy-efficient model for decades and as a proud Milwaukee Ford Dealer, we encourage those who can to explore the possibilities with us.

Click the infographic to enlarge. Brought to us thanks to Soshable from the great infographics folks at Visually.

The Impact Of EV Solar Charging Stations On Our Health

EV Stations
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