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Living Futuristically Like the Jetsons
Many of us grew up watching the animated sitcom, “The Jetsons” who lived in the year 2062. Some of us may have thought the futuristic gadgets seen on the show were never going to see the light of day; while others felt envious of the Jetson’s family, with their flying cars and robot maid. Well, we haven’t quite got automobiles whizzing around in the sky, as of yet, we have discovered some pretty amazing tech gadgets we can wear that will definitely make you look like you are from the future.

This infographic shows a diverse group of wearable tech that demonstrates how we really might end up living in a world similar to that of The Jetsons. Thanks to for bringing this to us. Click to enlarge.

Wearable Tech the New Wave

(Via: H/T: Automotive SEO)

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