Check to Make Sure You Have Heat in Your Car Before Winter

November 17th, 2017 by

What to do when you have no heat in your Chevy
Winter is a harsh time of year on a car, but it’s also a harsh time of year on you. Don’t be caught in the cold in your car. Make sure your heat works ahead of time. What do you do when you have no heat in your Chevy? We may have some tips that can help.

Is your Chevy warm?
The engine of your Chevy needs to warm up before it can operate properly. For that reason, the heating system in your car prioritizes the engine over the cabin. This means you have to wait for the engine to heat up before your heat really starts working. Letting it sit for a while running, or even taking a short trip on the highway should do the trick. If you have heat afterward, then everything is likely operating normally.

Can having no heat mean something major is wrong?
If your Chevy doesn’t heat up, there are several things that could be wrong. The first thing you want to check is your engine temperature though, make sure that the gauge reads fine and that you don’t have any warning lights, as that could be signs of a much larger issue with your cooling system.

If your engine overheats even in winter, or if you have warning lights on your dash, you should take your car in for service as soon as possible. A problem with your cooling system can destroy your entire engine.

Not having enough coolant could also be the cause of your poor heating and even the cause of your engine overheating. You can fix this yourself as long as you use the right type of Chevy coolant. However, if you notice that your coolant level keeps going down over time, even if there appears to be no coolant leaking, you could have a major problem, and you need to get it checked out.

What would make a Chevy not heat up?
If your engine is heating up fine, but you have no heat in the cabin, then a number of things could be wrong. Your thermostat may need to be replaced or your heater core could be plugged for example. These are both things that should be handled by a trusted Chevy dealer.

Another issue could be your blend door. This is essentially a flap that controls the hot and cold mix. This is still something that a dealer should take care of, but you may be able to improve your situation. If you cycle your heat setting from hot to cold several times, it’s possible that you can dislodge the blend door or at least improve the mix to get more heat.

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