How Chevy Surround Vision Works

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How Chevy Surround Vision works
Have you ever wished that you could get a bird’s-eye view of your car and its surroundings? That sounds like the future, but the future is here with Chevy Surround Vision. Find out how Chevy Surround Vision works, what vehicles it’s available on, and how to fix it if it isn’t working right.

2018 Chevy models equipped with Surround Vision
Surround Vision is a very new technology for Chevy. In fact, it wasn’t available on any Chevy model prior to the 2018 model year. Lucky for you, there are a few Chevy SUVs that have it for 2018.

For the 2018 model year, both the Equinox and the Traverse have Surround Vision available. You can expect Surround Vision availability to filter into other Chevy models soon.

How does Surround Vision get a bird’s-eye view?
At first glance, the view provided by the Chevy Surround Vision may seem impossible. It literally looks like there’s a camera hovering 20 feet over your vehicle. Of course, that isn’t the case. Instead of one camera floating above your car, there are actually four cameras situated all around your car.

These four cameras all feed into your infotainment system, where the images are manipulated and stitched together to form one 360-degree image with a simulated representation of your car in the middle.

With these four cameras working together, you can have a full view of your vehicle’s immediate surroundings. Whether kids are playing, you’re parking, or there are unforeseen hazards in the area, you will have a higher chance of being aware. This means more safety for you, your family, and even other people in the area.

What to do if something is wrong with your Surround Vision
Is Surround Vision black or blurry on one side? Then it may just be that one of your cameras is blocked. This can be due to mud, snow, or even general road grime. With one camera located up front, one in the back, and one in each of your side mirrors, they should be easy to locate, and clean.

If that isn’t the problem, then you likely have a more complicated issue. A trusted Chevy Mechanic should be able to take care of it without too much trouble, and if it’s in warranty, and not caused by damage, then you should be all covered. If you live in the Fond du Lac, WI area including Beaver Dam and Slinger, then you can schedule your appointment at Holiday Automotive today!

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