2017 Chevy Volt Fond du Lac WI

2017 Chevy Volt Fond du Lac WI

Stopping less at the pump i the goal of many drivers but few cars are able to make this dream a reality like the 2017 Chevy Volt in Fond du Lac WI can. The 2017 Chevy Volt is easily one of the most advanced plug-in hybrid vehicles out there, and if you’re looking for an affordable car that will save you money in the long term as well, then the 2017 Chevy Volt is a great one to look into.

It is estimated by Chevy that you’ll be able to go arounds 1,000 miles in between stopping at the gas station when driving a Chevy Volt, as long as you are charging it regularly. The Volt has a total range of up to 420 miles if you wanted to run down both the battery and gas tank in one go, and you can expect 53 total miles on just the battery alone.

tech features in the 2017 chevy volt

2017 Chevy Volt Tech Features

If the newest tech is something that you need in a new car purchase, the 2017 Chevy Volt is sure to surprise you. It comes standard with a large 8-in screen that displays the Chevy MyLink system, which is compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. All of this pairs nicely with the available 4G LTE hotspot and wireless device charging features.


how long does it take to charge the 2017 volt?

Charging the 2017 Chevy Volt

So where can you charge the 2017 Chevy Volt? Do you need a special plug? The 2017 Volt can be charged anywhere with its portable 120-volt cord (13 hours full charge time). You can also have a 240-volt charging station professionally installed in your home to reduce the full charging time down to just 4.5 hours.


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where can i test drive the 2017 chevy volt in the fox valley?

Find the 2017 Chevy Volt in Fond du Lac WI

The Volt has a high-efficiency 1.5L I-4 engine that has a 106 MPGe combined rating for electric miles and a 42 MPG combined rating when just using the gas engine. Even with its fuel efficient engine the 2017 Chevy Volt is still rocking a pretty responsive and fun drive., It offers a total horsepower rating of 149 hp and also has 292 lb-ft of torque.

The 2017 Volt isn’t just a car that can get you from point A to point B in a cost effective way, though, as it also offers some of the best features available in a modern car. The Volt comes standard with a large 8-inch screen with the Chevy MyLink infotainment system -- which offers both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. Other comforts like premium Bose audio and leather seats are also available in the Volt. Looking for features that are more in the safety department? The Volt has available advanced safety systems like lane keep assist, rear cross traffic alert, and more!

Want to give the 2017 Chevy Volt a test drive to see if it is the right car for you? Swing by Holiday Automotive in Fond du Lac WI and we can set up a full tour with any car you’re interested in!

More about the 2017 Chevy Volt: 

  • Customers who purchase the Volt can earn up to $7,500 in tax credits
  • The Volt has a regen on demand feature that lets you slow down your car and transfer the energy back into the battery
  • There are many storage containers throughout the Volt, including one that holds your phone while it charges
  • The touch-screen display in the Volt can give you info on efficiency or assist in controlling entertainment options
  • The Volt can be set to charge at home only during off-peak electricity hours to reduce your bill

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