Guaranteed Credit Approval in Fond du Lac WI

Guaranteed Credit Approval in Fond du Lac WI

We understand that not everyone can have perfect credit -- in fact not many do -- and that’s why we’re always looking for ways we can help out at Holiday Automotive. One thing that we’re proud of is our guaranteed credit approval in Fond du Lac WI. Read on to learn more about how we can get your the financing you need!

The first step to take in getting approved for financing on a new or used car in Fond du Lac WI is visiting our application, and getting pre-approved online. All you have to do is fill in some general and basic information about yourself and the vehicle you would be interested in. We’ll work with a variety of financial institutions, and get back to you with what you can expect!

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Guaranteed Credit Approval in Fond du Lac WI

What to do if you have bad credit and need a car

As we’ve discussing, having bad credit and being in need of a car can be very difficult, but you don’t need to worry. We’ll work hard to find the deal that works for all parties involved. There’s also ways that you can improve your credit. We suggest looking into getting reports from the three credit reporting agencies, which should show what is keeping your score down, and give you a direction to take to fix it.

Other things you can do to improve your financing deal include things like trading in a vehicle. Our used car lot is always looking for additions, and we buy and sell a wide variety of makes and models there. Trading in can also contribute to your down payment, which will end up getting you a better deal on your payments.

Have any other questions about trying to receive financing with a bad credit score? Our team can answer all of your questions and help put you at ease! We’ll also try our best to suggest the cars we think are perfect for you.

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What to do if you have bad credit and need a car