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Winter Driving Tips

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Winter is a great time in the Oshkosh area for many reasons — the holidays are approaching, the year is drawing to a close, and activities like skiing, sledding, and snowball fights come back in season! But winter also brings hazards, particularly on the road and especially in parts of the country with severe weather, like here in Wisconsin. Therefore, it’s essential that you keep your car in top condition to stay safe through the winter months, by following a few important tips. The service team at Holiday Automotive has put together a guide to winter driving in Wisconsin, including what items to have on hand, how to approach road trips and long-distance drives, and what to do in case of an accident.

Tips for Driving in Winter Weather

Stock Up on Essentials

There are essential items to keep in your car throughout the winter if you live in the Beaver Dam area, including but not limited to:

  • Warm clothing and blankets
  • Extra water and nonperishable food like granola or protein bars
  • Any necessary medications you or your family take
  • An ice scraper, snow shovel, and broom
  • A flashlight, flares, and emergency markers in case of an accident
  • A cell phone charger or USB cable

Prepare Your Vehicle

Before the winter weather comes, take your vehicle into our service center so our team can inspect your vehicle and make sure it’s in top condition. When you take your car in, make sure the following are closely checked:

  • Tires
  • Fluids
  • Battery
  • Fuel tank
  • Lights

Stay Alert 

Always wear your seatbelt, never take your eyes off the road, and never check your phone or text while driving. These are rules that you should follow all the time, but particularly during the winter.

Take Public Transit

If you live in an area where that’s possible. It’s much safer than driving.

Drive Slowly

It’s harder to stop in icy conditions, so speed up and slow down with care.

In Case of Emergency

Such as running off the road or getting stuck in the snow, closely stick to the following directions:

  • Stay with your vehicle. Never go off on your own, as it will make it much harder for emergency crews to find you. Stay inside the vehicle if possible, or at least very close to it.
  • Brightly mark your vehicle so crews can find it. Use your dome light, flashlight, and flares if possible.
  • Stay warm using blankets and winter clothes. Don’t continuously run the heater as this will quickly drain fuel.
  • Make sure your exhaust pipe is not backed up with snow. If it’s clogged, carbon monoxide will leak into the passenger cabin, which is extremely dangerous.

For Road Trips

Closely monitor road conditions and weather before leaving, and stay connected with someone who knows your route and arrival time.

Stay Safe This Winter With Holiday Automotive

If you have any questions or want more information about winter driving in Wisconsin, feel free to contact our office near West Bend anytime! You can schedule a service appointment online if you’re ready to bring your car in for inspection before the winter weather sets in. And don’t forget to check out our service specials if you’re looking to save on your next appointment!

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