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Should I Lease or Buy a Vehicle in Fond du Lac?

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Many Oshkosh drivers visit our dealership every day, asking, “Should I buy or lease a vehicle in Fond du Lac?” The answer isn’t clear cut. While some prefer a finance package’s stability, others prefer the flexibility of a lease in Sheboygan. In this guide, we’ll explain the key differences between leasing vs. buying to help you make the right choice.

Lease vs. Finance: Why Buy?

Buying has several benefits that West Bend drivers should consider when choosing between leasing vs, buying. They include:

  • Ownership: The biggest perk of financing is total ownership. After your loan is paid in full, you’ll own the car completely – which is where the savings come in.
  • Customization: Owning a car gives you more freedom to do with it what you wish, whether you want to customize the performance parts or give it a brand-new look with accessories.
  • Mileage: No need to worry about mileage limits, since none are written into the contract – so feel free to take the scenic route home!

Lease vs. Finance: Why Lease?

While buying a car is a popular long-term option, what if you’re not ready for that kind of commitment? The biggest perk to leasing a car is flexibility. You sign a contract for a few years, and then you get to decide where to go from there. Upgrade to a new car? Buy your current lease? The choice is yours. Additionally, when leasing a car vs. buying used, the savings can be dramatic when leasing.

  • Monthly Fees: Because depreciation is already factored into your cost, you’ll spend quite a bit less in monthly payments – which means you can stretch your budget even further.
  • Down Payments: Down payments for a lease are low, and sometimes you won’t need to pay a down payment at all! This can also cut costs significantly.
  • Maintenance: Because your leasing term is as long as a bumper-to-bumper warranty, there’s no need to worry about the bill at the service center.
  • Variety: Want to explore the latest technology and styles? You have the freedom to upgrade your vehicle every few years, completely hassle-free.
  • Lease-End: If you want to trade-in your car, you can. If you want to buy your car, you can transition into a finance agreement. It’s that simple.

Find Out More with Holiday Automotive

Still not sure whether to lease or buy a vehicle? Holiday Automotive can help you make the best decision for your needs and budget, so contact us with your questions.

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